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Commercial security cameras done right. 

We are security camera installation experts. Most often, business security cameras are installed by companies with a primary expertise in alarms. The CCTV system shouldn't be an add-on. The best commercial security camera systems require a specialist who can offer you the absolute best.

Commercial security cameras


Stay aware of what's happening inside and outside 24/7. Detect and stop acts of vandalism. Use footage as evidence to investigate crime.

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Reference recorded video to determine the cause of accidents as well as provide proof of liability. Don't let it be your word vs. their's.

retail security camera


Deter and investigate theft. use live monitoring to stop theft and burglary as it happens.

night vision security camera


Maintain an awareness of unauthorized trespassers outside and inside your facility. Stop issues before they happen.

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Is it time to update your old system?

Technology has improved so much over the past 10 years. Older CCTV systems don't hold a candle to the image quality and flexible accessibility of current technology.


Be proactive and get a top notch security camera system in place. Don't wait until you wish you had it!

High end camera options

Implementing the perfect security camera system is both a science and an art. We take pride in doing impeccable work. This involves selecting the right equipment. 

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Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) 




System interface options

We can get you up and running with a range of security camera interface options.




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Camera Positioning

People are often lulled into a false sense of security if they have a few cameras in place. A good security camera system is like a fence. It creates a virtual fence around your facility and needs to cover all points of entry at a minimum. If any areas are left without coverage, it’s like having a fence with holes in it. 

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The minimal first layer of coverage consists of all points of entry. Our approach is to set up on the exterior to get a view of the entry point as well as the sourrounding area.


The interior entry camera is ideal for achieving a more detailed view of people entering the building. 


Interior cameras should be strategically positioned to cover the main pathways through a structure as well as key assets. The camera placement strategy is highly customized based on your needs.

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There are two main layers to exterior coverage. The first objective is to assure the complete perimeter is covered. The second objective is to cover parking lots, grounds and any key assets or points of entry or egress.  

Let's find the best options for your needs.