Security camera technology

Security camera technology has advanced so much in the past ten years. If you have an older system, we can update it for you. As security camera installation experts,   we bring the powerful technology to you offering tremendous ways to achieve complete security at your home and business.


View the camera system anytime on your mobile phone or computer. In addition to the obvious security benefits, this tool also comes in handy to stay informed when deliveries arrive, have eyes on the facility when you're out of town and many other unique benefits.  

remote access security cameras


Some cameras provide a clear image over 100 feet away in complete darkness. There are many infrared solutions to allow you to completely remove the cover of darkness that criminals so often exploit.  


High definition cameras allow you to digitally zoom in and capture remarkable detail when reviewing footage. Some cameras allow you to manually pan the camera and zoom in on areas of interest.

PTZ security cameras


The clarity you achieve with HD and 4K camera systems is far superior to cameras from just 5 years ago. Having a high definition image makes the difference between actually capturing a recognizable face or license plate verses just a faint image.    

4k security cameras


For complete security applications thermal image cameras offer a real advantage. Beyond IR technology, thermal imaging give a live viewer the ability to the detect heat signatures of people, vehicles or animals.  

thermal security cameras


Facial recognition is a highly versatile tool that can be used for many applications. The technology can serve as a security force multiplier and aid in detecting threats as well as many other uses.

facial recognition security cameras

Security camera system basics

Whether augmenting parts of an existing systems or installing completely new, each security camera system should consist of the following elements:

high end security cameras

One or more cameras are installed and connected to a video recorder through cable or an existing CAT5e network.


The video recorder can be set up to record 1 to 64 cameras. Internal storage can be expanded to store video for months at a time.


You can view live video or playback video directly at your facility or remotely through the internet or cellular connection. Access is password.

Coverage Considerations

Exterior Entry
Interior Entry
Interior Extended
Exterior Extended
Floor Plan Ext Entry-01.png

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